Author: Sebastian Carlson

Outdoor Lighting

Consider outdoor lighting when creating your perfect outdoor living environment. Many times lighting is a forgotten element, but if you want to entertain or create a mood it's a must. There are a lot of options available depending on what you are trying to achieve. I actually have a good mix of electric , solar , string lighting and lanterns. I have electric lights primarily to see my dogs at night when they are in the yard. It also illuminates the water features well at night. Solar lighting is low intensity but provides a nice glow along walkways etc. I love lanterns since they provide more natural light.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture has come a long way in recent years from fabric choices to styles and themesIt's not just your patio table with umbrella anymoreWhen choosing your furniture try to take all conditions into consideration before spending any moneyWe had a beautiful table set but when we moved to our new home it did not work at allIt is far to windy here and we needed new items that had more stability and weightWe also have a lot of wasps here so an umbrella was out of the question since they kept trying to build nests on the underside of the umbrella.