Outdoor Lighting

Consider outdoor lighting when creating your perfect outdoor living environment. Many times lighting is a forgotten element, but if you want to entertain or create a mood it’s a must. There are a lot of options available depending on what you are trying to achieve. I actually have a good mix of electric , solar , string lighting and lanterns. I have electric lights primarily to see my dogs at night when they are in the yard. It also illuminates the water features well at night.

Solar lighting is low intensity but provides a nice glow along walkways etc. I love lanterns since they provide more natural light. You can also try patio torches and tea lights for a low key mood type lighting. If entertaining is your interest, you can try a combination like gel burners and electric.

Decide what it is your trying to illuminate and decide what would work best. For example if your entertaining you may not want electric lighting to near the seating area since it will attract bugs. Instead place a few large gel burners near the seating area and put your electric lights further away. If you have a work station, such as an outdoor cooking center, you may need task lighting. An advantage to solar lights, torches, gel burners and lanterns is the ability to move them whenever you want. If installing electric lights you need to make sure there going in a permanent location.

I went a little further and added flicker bulbs to both my solar and electric lights. This gives it a look of natural flame. Place some string lights within your arbor or gazebo for an added touch.

Many people don’t think of lighting as a decorative feature but it can be both functional and decorative. Just decide what you want to accomplish, lay it out and install it. Outdoor lighting can make or break any outdoor paradise.